Kevington Brick Cutting Service

Kevington is the UK`s largest nationwide supplier of cut bricks, prefabricated arches, wall panels, ready built chimney systems and bespoke designs. Our in house design and sales teams offer unrivalled expertise and experience. This ensures you receive the correct product, at the right price, on time!


Nationwide Branches

We operate from 6 strategically located sites around the UK. We are the only company in our field able to offer a truly national service. This covers England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales. This ensures that you receive your order within days rather than weeks.


Pre-cast Arches

These arches are cast in-house using a positive key/precast combination and are available in lengths of up to 8m. An alternative to bonded arches.


Prefabricated Brick Arches

Using high tech resin technology, brick slips are bonded to the precast backing units. A wide range of ready-made arches are available.


Special Shaped Cut Bricks

Our wide range of special shaped cut bricks can be manufactured quickly and easily using standard bricks. This eliminates the long delivery periods often quoted by brick manufacturers. We collect the bricks and re-deliver in 10 days.


Faststack™ GRP Chimney Construction

Kevington’s innovative construction technology is typified by the acclaimed Faststack™ Chimney System.  Brick clad stacks offer a considerable cost saving over convention chimneys.  These prefabricated chimneys are now available as a working system suitable for class 1 & 2 appliances.


Bespoke Chimney Design

A wide range of designs can be manufactured using the Faststack™ system. 


Kevington Fastwall™ Brick Wall Panels

Kevington Fastwall™ wall panel system is a revolutionary new brick clad panel system. This replaces brickwork in traditional and problematic areas. The panels can be quickly installed in any weather conditions. They are suitable for interior decorative use and for the exterior cladding of existing and new properties.


Traditional Feature Headers

Feature Headers have long been a tradition in the British building style, usually known as Flemish bond. This style is now available from Kevington in its new range of Feature Headers. They are available in a range of 6 colours to suit your requirements.